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Gardiner Montana Lodging

For a home base during your vacation in beautiful Yellowstone and surrounding areas, stay in Gardiner, Montana - the only entrance open year-round. Located right on the northern edge of the park, Gardiner allows easy access, and provides plenty of lodging choices for the whole family. Find Gardiner Montana hotels and motels here. Read More

Gardiner, Montana is known for its wonderful recreation and for its proximity to Yellowstone National Park. You will see some incredible mountain scenery as well as witness rolling hills and cattle ranches dotting the lands. Gardiner should be your top pick for finding lodging during your visit to Yellowstone.

As you approach Gardiner from the north, you will have the opportunity to drive through Paradise Valley, and you can see why the valley holds this name. Go rafting on the rivers, do some fly-fishing, enjoy an aerial Zipline tour in the trees, and enjoy a ride on the trails on horseback.

Find your lodging overlooking Yellowstone River or choose a motel with pool. You can stay in a Bed and Breakfast, a rustic cabin or even at a ranch. There are lots of Gardiner Montana hotels and lodging options that will match your desires.